《It was enough for me.. I'm not going to beg you because that does not go with me..! But what I'm going to tell you and this is the last time I tell you.. is that yes.. I loved you so much..! But you were also hurt me a lot.. with your teasing, your bad treatment and playing with me..! But it's okay.. I do not hold a grudge against you and I do not want to do it either! I'm just going to ask you to keep the distance with me.. because that's what I'm going to do..! And keep calm that only this phrase of my will have.. because I do not intend to enter any other page..! Instead of going into these pages.. I prefer to dedicate this time to the people who really love me..! In short.. I want you to be very happy.. with your girl f.. s.. m.. or the letter you want.. fel..! Finish your year well.. God bless you..!
Bye..! (04/12/18 )》 🌜


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